Health expert terms unlock in IIOJK premature, wrong

Srinagar, June 01 (KMS): The decision by the authorities in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), to partially unlock the markets has been deemed as wrong and premature by a health expert who suggested the COVID restrictions should have continued due to higher number of positivity and deaths rates in the occupied territory.

Flu expert and Doctors Association President Dr Nissar ul- Hassan said that the decision of unlock at this stage was “premature as positivity rate and death is still high.”

“It is matter of life and government shouldn’t have come under public pressure to unlock and should have taken decision on basis of data,” he said. “There should have been an unlock when there would have been 10 percent decrease in cases and deaths on daily basis for one week followed by 5 percent decline in another week.”

He said that there should have been unlock when tests being done should have been more and positivity rate should have been less than five percent or there should have been four positive cases in one lakh population.

Dr Nisar said genome sequencing isn’t being done at large scale so nobody knows how many variants are presently in the UT. “Authorities are totally unaware about the real situation,” he asserted. “People are being asked every time to follow COVID appropriate behavior but there is still some laxity. Virus can bounce back and whatever we had gained in a lockdown of over a month, can go waste and people will suffer.” He said just few percent population have got fully immunized and most population is still susceptible to Covid-19.

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