BJP’s duplicity exposed in new land laws conspiracy against Sikhs, Mahajans, Khatirs

Jammu, June 02 (KMS): The duplicity and double standards of Baharatya Janata Party (BJP) stand exposed as a senior party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta has said that his party has nothing to do with any decisions taken by the authorities in the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Interestingly BJP leaders always try to take credit for the good decisions of the authorities in IIOJK but when it comes to some contentious issue the party claimed that it has nothing to do with the authorities’ decision and it is the bureaucracy which is running the show.

On the one hand, BJP has never opposed any wrong decision of the authorities in the occupied territory but on the other hand, Kavinder Gupta said that all decisions are taken by the bureaucrats. “It is not our government in J&K. Bureaucracy is taking all decisions. We can only convey our feelings to the higher-ups”, Kavinder Gupta replied to a media query when his attention was drawn towards new land laws of 2020 in which some communities especially Sikhs, Mahajans and Khatris have been deprived of purchasing or selling agricultural land in the occupied territory.

Kavinder Gupta said that a month ago he discussed this issue with Lieutenant Governor and he had promised to issue an order within a week. “Bureaucracy is working here so we cannot say anything”, he said while expressing his helplessness.

Interestingly all-important decisions regarding IIOJK are taken with the consent of Saffron Brigade leaders.  These self-styled nationalist leaders are even interfering in day-to-day activities of the party but when it comes to any issue related to public concern, they give the excuse that its bureaucracy which is running the show.

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