Article: Russia-India ties — growing asymmetry

Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi This ongoing irrefutable trajectory of the international relations, that there is no absolute fixation of friendship and animosity holds much sway because of the changing geopolitical, geo-strategic and geo-economical dynamics. And yet, the ongoing romantic American-Indian relationship is being cautiously judged by the Russian policymakers in …

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Article: Modi humbled by India’s coronavirus crisis

Dave Lawler After mishandling the worst domestic crisis India has faced in decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approval ratings have plummeted … to 63%. Breaking it down: While that’s down from 74% before India’s second wave struck, per Morning Consult’s tracker, it still makes him perhaps the most popular leader …

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Article: People-to-people conversation

Usama Khilji The recent news of backchannel dialogue between the governments of Pakistan and India came as optimistic news for advocates of a peaceful South Asia. However, a critical angle missing from the conversation is that of the people of the region. Despite all propaganda attempts to turn citizens against …

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