Srinagar, March 04 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, journalist fraternity is facing the worst time, especially in the wake of the revocation of Kashmir’s special status by India’s Modi government in August, last year.

As some local newspapers have become mouthpiece of the BJP led Indian government, the upright journalists in Kashmir are a special target both of the Indian government and its puppet media houses, a report citing some Kashmiri journalists said.

Most of the journalists have been fired from jobs by local media owners and those who are working are paid extremely less, they added. »

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Srinagar, March 03 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a protest demonstration was held in Jammu, today, against revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status by India, ongoing military siege and Internet gag in the Kashmir valley and massacre of innocent Muslims and loot and arson at the hands of Hindu extremists in New Delhi.

The protest was jointly organized by Muslim, Sikh and Dalit organizations outside Press Club in Jammu. While condemning the suppression of democratic rights of the Kashmiri people by Indian forces, the protesters demanded restoration of Kashmir’s special status, release of all political detainees and an end to the military lockdown in the territory. »

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Demand restoration of special status of IOK

New Delhi, February 21 (KMS): A large number of people from different civil rights organisations held a demonstration at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi demanding restoration of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that granted special status to occupied Kashmir.

The occupied territory is under continued lockdown since August 05, last year, when Narendra Modi-led communal government in New Delhi revoked the special status of the territory by repealing the Article 370.

Scores of people from various organisations gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and expressed solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir who have been facing severe hardships due to continued military siege for the last over 200 days. They demanded of the Modi government to restore the constitutional provision. »

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Participants of anti-India demo in Islamabad submit memorandum to UN chief
Muzaffarabad, February 17 (KMS): A protest rally was held in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, demanding the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, to visit occupied Kashmir to observe for himself the worst kind of human rights violations being perpetrated by the Indian forces in the territory.

The rally was staged in AJK’s metropolis on the occasion of the visit by UN Secretary General to Pakistan, the other day. People from all walks of life including civil society members, Kashmiri migrants and youth marched from Burhan Wani Chowk to Alamdar Chowk Gharipan and chanted slogans, “Wake Up Wake Up UN Wake up, Go India Go Back, Indian Usurpers leave our Kashmir.” »

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Srinagar, February 14 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League has said that it held a protest demonstration in Srinagar against the continued siege and human rights violations by Indian troops in the territory.

The Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League in a statement issued in Srinagar also condemned the Modi regime for spreading blatant lies about the resistance against its illegal occupation of Kashmir.

It termed the visit of the New Delhi-based foreign envoys to occupied Kashmir a futile exercise as it was a guided tour choreographed by the Indian government to hoodwink the world into believing its balderdash. »

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Srinagar, February 11 (KMS): Several people were injured when Indian troops opened fire on protesters in Tehgam area of Kapwara district, today, the hometown of prominent Kashmiri martyred leader, Muhammad Maqbool Butt.

The protest demonstration was organized on the occasion of martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Maqbool Butt, today. He was hanged by India on this day in 1984 in Delhi’s notorious Tihar jail.

The troops arrested many protesters on the occasion. A spokesman for the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front in a statement in Srinagar said that Shah Himaly Begum, the mother of Shaheed Maqbool Butt, led the protesters. The participants of protest demonstration demanded the release of all illegally detained Kashmiri leaders and activists including Muhammad Yasin Malik, Farooq Dar and Zahoor Ahmad Butt. »

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Srinagar, February 11 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, people staged a protest demonstration in Srinagar against the killing of a Kashmiri young boy, Basit Khan, by Hindu terrorists in India.

The protesting youth from Kupwara under the banner of an NGO-Kashmir Youth Power demanded stern punishment to the killers and compensation to the family members of the victim.

The 18-year orphan , Basit Khan, was ruthlessly beaten to death by Hindu communal goons in Jaipur in India, last week.

The people demanded that the killers must be hanged. “We are here to express our anger on the incident as well as to express our sympathy with the family,” said Mudasir Aziz, a member of the association. »

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New Delhi, February 09 (KMS): Congress General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that the BJP government has made a prison out of the beautiful land of Jammu and Kashmir.

While commenting on the appalling human rights situation in occupied Kashmir, Priyanka in a tweet, said, “Continued internet blackout, illegal detentions & not to mention archaic laws slapped on popular politicians in order to keep them silent – this is the reality of J&K.”

Congress General Secretary is sister of Rahul Gandhi.

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Istanbul, February 07 (KMS): A big protest demonstration was organized by Pak-Turk Institute in front of the Indian embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, against Indian occupation of Kashmir.

The demonstration was participated by Pakistani, Kashmiri and the Turk citizens. The participants of the demonstration raised the slogans like “Pak-Turk doosti zindabad”, “Pakistan, Tukey bhayee, bhayee,” and “Hindu zahniyat kahan say ayee.”

The chief patron of the organization, Dr Nadeem Chaudhry, addressing the gathering said, “We will keep exposing India’s true face and unveil its fascist mentality at every nook and corner of peaceful world.” »

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Srinagar, February 07 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League has said that it held protest demonstrations in Srinagar against the continued human rights violations by Indian troops in the territory.

The Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League in a statement issued in Srinagar said that activists of the party gathered at various places outside masaajid after Juma prayers in Srinagar, raising pro-freedom and anti-India slogans.

The speakers in their speeches denounced the state terrorism and the continued siege that was causing huge hardships to the people of the territory. The participants of the protests vowed to carry on their sacred resistance till complete success. »

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